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A New Era of Company's Meeting

Are your office spaces getting a little too boring?
Out of ideas on where to hold your event?
Too common? Inconvenient locations?
Missing the WOW factor?

Fret not, Venuerific has the answers! Venuerific is a one-stop venue specialist shop. You can find the right venue that is perfect for your event be it personal or corporate, all you have to do is contact and liaise directly with your preferred venue owners, and to top it off you may even check out the concierge services available. Doesn’t this make event planning way more convenient? You may check them out at https://www.venuerific.com/sg


What better way to complete the amazing event space and setup with an added service of hooking up your attendees with GrabGift vouchers to ease their transport to and fro from the event location? Unique venues, great location, seamless transport, an event to remember! Guests need not worry about getting lost on the way to location of event and out of ordinary places such as mansions and private islands.


On 9th March, our Grab for Business team were invited by Venuerific to join their event at 33 cove drive, Sentosa. It was a great start to a Friday evening with great company, food and opportunities to network. Guests travelled with ease with their GrabGift vouchers. It was convenient, seamless and fuss-free. All they had to do was enter the promo code to enjoy $5/10/15 off their ride. Everyone enjoyed a good time! What are you waiting for? Amazing venues and a transport voucher that will leave your guests with fond memories of your event.


Have an event to plan? Bachelorette or Birthday party?
Networking session with corporate clients?
Need a great venue? Grabifts x Venuerific is here to save you!

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