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Getting Married? Have you got it all covered?


The hectic days leading up to your wedding day!

For those newlyweds out there, we are pretty sure you’ve got tons of stories about the crazy sleepless nights you had as you started counting down to your wedding or solemnization day.

A common superstition among many cultures is to determine an auspicious date to get married.

Based on the lunar calendar, the following auspicious dates are only a general guideline for one to hold their wedding or solemnization in 2018. Future bride and groom-to-be, have you found your date?


After deciding on your preferred wedding dates, the real deal starts! The budget allocation, the finalized guest list, the ideal venue, the best catering deal and the list just goes on and on…

“Budget”- The big word that many wedding planners will start asking you prior to quotation. Depending on how big you would like your wedding to be, the cost varies accordingly. Do spend within your means, at the end of the day the highlight should be the celebration of the union of 2 individuals.

Then comes the Guest List... Your parents have a list of guests; your partner’s parents have their list (extended families + friends). On top of that, as a couple – you have your own set of guest list which is made up of close friends. This is usually a tricky one. To prevent any conflicts, do ensure to talk it out with both parents to come up with the ideal guest list. Involving your parents in the process is key, do not disregard their feelings. Create tiers to categorize your full guest list and you can start deciding from there. Hope this tip helps!

Once you have an idea of how many guests you’ll be inviting, you start attending bridal shows/wedding expos in search of the best value for venue and décor. **Do note that this is of high priority. You’ll have to ensure that you do proper planning – catch the early bird specials, especially for popular months from September to January!

GrabGifts is here to save the day! Your guests will be able to travel to your venue seamlessly.

Wedding favors ranges from food items (chocolates, biscuits, honey) to towels, chopsticks, mugs and the list goes on. The idea behind gifting every guest is to provide a token of appreciation from the bride and groom for their family and friends’ time to witness their special day as they celebrate it with their close ones.

Alternatively, if you are not keen on conventional wedding favors – you can always check out GrabGifts as a token of appreciation. You can customize your code to suit it better with your wedding!

It's a wonderfull way to appreciate your guests and make your wedding more memorable!

Let’s move away from being normal. It’s the new age, it’s time to be different! Grab yours NOW!

*2% fee will be applicable for customization of gift vouchers.

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