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No more worrying about that awkward moment when you have to give a red packet to your older relative who is not married - simply gift a practical Grab gift card to share the blessings!

Step 1: Select your design, and Rides or Food gift card ($10 value only)
Step 2: Select any start date (Actual validity will be 21st Jan - 20th April 2020) 
Step 3: Select quantity and proceed to add to cart - add as many as you like into the cart! 
Step 4: Upon checking out, enter your Grab email address and indicate Grab office location in the billing address fields
Step 5: Make payment with a credit/debit card and your order is complete! You will receive a payment confirmation receipt.
Please place your order by Thursday, 16th Jan, 2359hrs, so we can get these physical cards to you by 21st Jan.

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